Welcome. I'm both an actor and an author, so if you're here to look at books, you can find more information toward the bottom of this page. Click here to view my demo reel Brenda Wallace. I'm super blessed to be a student of actor Chris Freihofer of Breaking Bad fame, Darryl Cox known for American Crime and Scent of Rain and Lightning, and actor Kato Buss known for Red State Blues and The Darkest Corner of Paradise. Chris offers a ton of amazing acting classes at The Actor Factory.

E-mail me at Brenda@BrendaWallace.com

You may be here to look at books. I am also an avid reader and the author of the mystery thriller Brilliant Prey and more books coming soon. I have scrutinized thousands of psychiatric and psychological case studies in my former work as a senior attorney adjudicator and draw from those mental patterns and a former private practice for plot twists and character quirks. Brilliant Prey is available to read on almost any electronic device at Amazon. Amazon also has free applications which allow you to use your iPhone as an electronic reader or you can easily download the book onto your computer by just clicking the Kindle to PC button on Amazon.

A twisting, intense psychological thriller - Bestselling author Scott Nicholson, Liquid Fear

Even a genius can be played for a pawn by a cunning and deadly manipulator.

Lauren James is a former psychiatrist, still reeling from her husband's suicide and the subsequent miscarriage that swept away her tidy life the year before. On the anniversary of his death, she opens what she hopes to be a Welcome to Mensa envelope and pulls out a threatening puzzle along with the identical suicide note she had burned the previous year. Unraveling the twisted clues, Lauren embarks on a harrowing journey drawn in by a child's neglected grave, a professor from the island of St. Croix, and a U.S. Supreme Court nominee. When Lauren discovers the reason behind her husband's shocking death, she must struggle with her deepest convictions and whether killing is acceptable if it saves more lives.


Many talented authors will be featured here, so you are bound to connect with books you'll love. The chief reason I decided to publish independently (or go Indie) is to keep control of my own books. For example, I would have never been blessed with this incredible cover for Brilliant Prey, a masterpiece created by Renee Barratt of The Cover Counts, had I gone the traditional publishing route.

I have had the honor of learning from, and receiving the guidance and support of some of the greatest authors in the world including Kindle Bestseller Scott Nicholson, New York Times Bestseller William Bernhardt and many Oklahoma Outlaw authors. I am grateful for the helpful eyes and creative suggestions of fellow authors Freda Collie and Chryse Wymer. Please take a look at the free sample on Amazon because the first pages tend to give you a pretty good idea whether this is a story you will enjoy.

I truly hope you enjoy my novels and that you connect at some level with the characters and story. After all, I did write them chiefly for readers like you, although I admit it was (mostly) fun writing them. Reading is also one of my favorite things to do, so thank you for dropping by.

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